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About the Art & Artist:

I would have never imagined that my hobby for

bringing a new life to broken or discarded

materials would have brought about my life’s

passion.  I grew up watching my parents craft

their own art. My father was a mechanic

educated in Germany and my mother was a

home designer.  Watching my father tinker

around with auto parts and my mother crafting

with wood , fabrics and antiques brought a

beautiful new vibe to our home.  I also grew up

watching and helping my sister perfect her art,

which is where I picked up her painting


Recently in my own job transition, I began

working at an online auto parts company.

When I saw that some parts weren’t able to

be sold because they were broken, I jumped

at the opportunity to repurpose those items through art.  I started taking pieces that I found in the trash or buy them cheap from the auction boxes and I was able to go within and channel everything I learned during my childhood to bring about what you see here. What emerged was an industrial steampunk style.  My creations took on their own life and the next thing I knew, I had transformed my garage into a workshop. 

These past two to three months of early mornings and sleepless nights in my workshop have brought my creations to a new level.  With the encouragement of my family and support of my friends I was inspired to establish AutoArt.Design in September 2017 after selling my first piece to the man who has been the driving force and host behind my debut art show.  The launch of AutoArt.Design in November of 2017 will be the jump off point for a plethora of future endeavors, which will include expanding services as well as employment and investment opportunities.  Stay tuned!!

my workshop at Burningman's shop , at 0ur camp Trifucta
Burning Man 2017 NV



Artist in her Art's Character custom!

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